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  1. #WeArePanAm


    Thank you to everyone who packed Nathan Phillips Square for our #WeArePanAm countdown party July 11 and 12. Post your favourite photos and share your memories on our Facebook page. Remember, it’s just a taste of what’s to come next summer!

  2. Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock

    Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock

    The Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock will be located at Nathan Phillips Square through to the end of the Parapan Am Games on August 15, 2015.

  3. Volunteer


    Do you have what it takes to be a TORONTO 2015 volunteer? Apply now for your chance to be the heart of the Games!



    An arts and culture festival celebrating the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games.


Sport Tourism Boom Continues in Ontario, thanks to TORONTO 2015 Games

Busy August ahead with nine national, international competitions in sports...

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TORONTO 2015 Games Hitting Home Stretch, Ontarians Getting on Board

TO2015 Releases Fourth-Quarter Financials
Conference call with TO2015 CEO and...

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Hardwood Ski and Bike Named Mountain Bike Venue for 2015 Pan Am Games

Venue will also host test event for Games in July 2014


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Cisco and TO2015 Unveil Cisco TORONTO 2015 Countdown Clock

‘First of its Kind’ Interactive Clock for TORONTO 2015 Pan...

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Information will be released this summer and ticket requests for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am Games will start in September. Tickets for the TORONTO 2015 Parapan Am Games will go on sale in spring 2015.

Be the first to know when tickets go on sale, about special merchandise, torch relay and other promotions.

Learn more about TORONTO 2015 Tickets.

These Games couldn’t happen without you — the volunteers. To deliver an event the size and scope of the TORONTO 2015 Games, 20,000 volunteers are needed.

Pan Am & Parapan Am Games Volunteer
Pan Am Jobs

Interested in playing a role in helping bring to life the largest international multi-sport Games ever hosted in Canada?

Apply today to join our team. Jobs range from event planning and protocol, transportation and infrastructure, to human resources and finance.

Pachi plush

Bring home a plush PACHI and gear up for the Games with the latest apparel, accessories and more. The full range of merchandise is available now at the TORONTO 2015 official shop.

Discover Toronto

Toronto is the largest city in Canada and the capital of the province of Ontario.

Learn more about Toronto and the Greater Golden Horseshoe region.

Pan Am Athletes Village - Toronto 2015 Venue

At the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games, 7,600 top athletes from the Americas and Caribbean will compete at more than 30 venues located in 16 municipalities across southern Ontario.

7,600 athletes from across Latin America, South America, the Caribbean and North America will put their years of intense training, perseverance and sacrifice to the test in world-class competition in 36 Pan Am sports and 15 Parapan Am sports at the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am / Parapan Am Games.

  1. Pan Am Archery

    Pan Am Archery

  2. Parapan Am Archery

    Parapan Am Archery

  3. Pan Am Athletics

    Pan Am Athletics

  4. Parapan Am Athletics

    Parapan Am Athletics

  5. Pan Am Badminton

    Pan Am Badminton

  6. Pan Am Baseball

    Pan Am Baseball

  7. Pan Am Basketball

    Pan Am Basketball

  8. Pan Am Beach Volleyball

    Pan Am Beach Volleyball

  9. Parapan Am Boccia

    Parapan Am Boccia

  10. Pan Am BMX

    Pan Am BMX

  11. Pan Am Bowling

    Pan Am Bowling

  12. Pan Am Boxing

    Pan Am Boxing

  13. Pan Am Canoe / Kayak Slalom

    Pan Am Canoe / Kayak Slalom

  14. Pan Am Canoe / Kayak Sprint

    Pan Am Canoe / Kayak Sprint

  15. Pan Am Cycling Road

    Pan Am Cycling Road

  16. Parapan Am Cycling (Road)

    Parapan Am Cycling (Road)

  17. Pan Am Cycling (Track)

    Pan Am Cycling (Track)

  18. Parapan Am Cycling (Track)

    Parapan Am Cycling (Track)

  19. Pan Am Diving

    Pan Am Diving

  20. Pan Am Equestrian

    Pan Am Equestrian

  21. Pan Am Fencing

    Pan Am Fencing

  22. Pan Am Field Hockey

    Pan Am Field Hockey

  23. Pan Am Football (Soccer)

    Pan Am Football (Soccer)

  24. Parapan Am Football (Soccer / 5-a-Side)

    Parapan Am Football (Soccer / 5-a-Side)

  25. Parapan Am Football (Soccer / 7-a-Side)

    Parapan Am Football (Soccer / 7-a-Side)

  26. Parapan Am Goalball

    Parapan Am Goalball

  27. Pan Am Golf

    Pan Am Golf

  28. Pan Am Gymnastics (Artistic)

    Pan Am Gymnastics (Artistic)

  29. Pan Am Gymnastics (Rhythmic)

    Pan Am Gymnastics (Rhythmic)

  30. Pan Am Handball

    Pan Am Handball

  31. Pan Am Judo

    Pan Am Judo

  32. Parapan Am Judo

    Parapan Am Judo

  33. Pan Am Karate

    Pan Am Karate

  34. Pan Am Modern Pentathlon

    Pan Am Modern Pentathlon

  35. Pan Am Mountain Bike

    Pan Am Mountain Bike

  36. Pan Am Open Water Swimming

    Pan Am Open Water Swimming

  37. Pan Am Powerlifting

    Pan Am Powerlifting

  38. Pan Am Racquetball

    Pan Am Racquetball

  39. Pan Am Roller Sports (Figure Skating)

    Pan Am Roller Sports (Figure Skating)

  40. Pan Am Roller Sports (Speed Skating)

    Pan Am Roller Sports (Speed Skating)

  41. Pan Am Rowing

    Pan Am Rowing

  42. Pan Am Rugby Sevens

    Pan Am Rugby Sevens

  43. Pan Am Sailing

    Pan Am Sailing

  44. Pan Am Shooting

    Pan Am Shooting

  45. Pan Am Sitting Volleyball

    Pan Am Sitting Volleyball

  46. Pan Am Softball

    Pan Am Softball

  47. Pan Am Squash

    Pan Am Squash

  48. Pan Am Swimming

    Pan Am Swimming

  49. Parapan Am Swimming

    Parapan Am Swimming

  50. Pan Am Synchronized Swimming

    Pan Am Synchronized Swimming

  51. Pan Am Table Tennis

    Pan Am Table Tennis

  52. Parapan Am Table Tennis

    Parapan Am Table Tennis

  53. Pan Am Taekwondo

    Pan Am Taekwondo

  54. Pan Am Tennis

    Pan Am Tennis

  55. Pan Am GymnasticsTrampoline

    Pan Am GymnasticsTrampoline

  56. Pan Am Triathlon

    Pan Am Triathlon

  57. Pan Am Volleyball

    Pan Am Volleyball

  58. Pan Am Wakeboard

    Pan Am Wakeboard

  59. Pan Am Water-Ski

    Pan Am Water-Ski

  60. Pan Am Water Polo

    Pan Am Water Polo

  61. Pan Am Weightlifting

    Pan Am Weightlifting

  62. Parapan Am Wheelchair Basketball

    Parapan Am Wheelchair Basketball

  63. Parapan Am Wheelchair Rugby

    Parapan Am Wheelchair Rugby

  64. Parapan Am Wheelchair Tennis

    Parapan Am Wheelchair Tennis

  65. Pan Am Wrestling

    Pan Am Wrestling