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Badminton is a lightning-fast racquet sport played as either singles or doubles, with players situated on opposite sides of a rectangular court split in half by a net. Badminton athletes are among the fittest and most agile of any sport, considering shuttlecocks (birdies) can reach speeds of 350 kilometres an hour.

Badminton has been part of the Pan American Games since the 1995 Games in Mar del Plata, Argentina. Canada and the United States have dominated badminton since the sport’s inception to the Games. Canada leads the Pan Am Games badminton race with 16 gold medals in the sport.

In the badminton competition at the Guadalajara 2011 Pan Am Games, Canada came out on top with three gold, one silver and two bronze medals.

Canadian Michelle Li, who captured gold in Guadalajara, is looking to compete for Canada in 2015.


Badminton can be traced back to mid-18th century India, where it was created by British military officers stationed there. Also referred to as “poona” after the town of Poona where it was popularized, the game was brought back to England for further development and the establishing of rules.

How it works

Players score points by striking a shuttlecock (or birdie) over the net with their racquet and into the opponents’ half of the court.


A fast, low, near-horizontal shot over the net.

A shot hit softly and so quickly that it lands close to the net on the opponent’s side.

An exchange of shots while the shuttle is in play.

Shuttlecock (or birdie)
The feathered projectile that is struck by the player’s racquet.

A hard overhead shot hit downward into the opponent’s court.

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