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Bahamas Map

Official Language: English
Anthem: March On, Bahamaland!

The Bahamas has participated at the Pan Am Games since Mexico City 1955, and is currently ranked seventeenth on the all-time medals list.

The Caribbean island has won 29 medals to date. Its first gold medal was won by Durwood Knowles and Sloan Farrington in Star-class sailing (then known as yachting and admitted to the Pan Am Games for the first time) at Chicago 1959.

The Bahamas’ best performance at the Pan Am Games was at Rio de Janeiro 2007, where the country won seven medals – two gold, two silver and three bronze in athletics and swimming.

At Guadalajara 2011, 22 athletes competed in five sports for The Bahamas, winning three medals, including a gold in men’s high jump, a silver in men’s boxing and a bronze in men’s 400 m.

Simone Hall is set to become the first Bahamian gymnast to compete in a Pan Am Games at TORONTO 2015.