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Boxing requires precision, speed and quick reflexes, and at the Pan Am Games, is contested in rapid-fire bouts of up to three three-minute rounds for men and four two-minute rounds for women. Boxing has been on the competition schedule at every Pan American Games since the first Games in 1951. Women competed for the first time in 2011 in Guadalajara, where Canada’s Mandy Bujold won gold in the women’s flyweight and Mary Spencer won gold in the women’s middleweight division.

Cuba will be the country to watch in 2015 as its boxers have dominated the men’s competition in the past.


Boxing’s roots date back to ancient Greece and Rome when fights would be waged with opponents wearing straps of leather wrapped around their forearms and hands. Fast forward to 1743 when the first set of boxing rules were developed, followed by a further set of rules — including the introduction of three-minute rounds and the use of approved boxing gloves — in 1867 that revolutionized the sport.

How it works

Boxing requires immense strength, fast footwork and quick reflexes. In the men’s competition, bouts must consist of three rounds of three minutes each. In the women’s competition, bouts must consist of four rounds of two minutes each. In men’s and women’s competitions, rest time between rounds lasts one minute. Boxers fight opponents from their respective weight class, and the scoring system is based on a “ten point must-system”. Head guards are no longer allowed in men’s competition, but are mandatory in women’s competition.



A semi-circular punch short delivered with a bent elbow.


A quick, straight punch.


If, as a result of being hit, a boxer touches the floor with any part of his body other than his feet, he is considered down. If the boxer remains down for a count of 10 seconds, the opponent wins by knockout.

Standing eight count

A precautionary count made by the referee to determine whether a boxer has sufficiently recovered from a heavy blow or a series of blows.


A vertical, upward-thrusting punch.

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