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Golf makes its Pan American Games debut in 2015 prior to re-joining the Olympic program, after a 112-year hiatus, in Rio in 2016. Spectators will be able to walk the course along with the players, getting up close with the power of every drive, the precision of every approach shot and the subtle breaks of every putt. The Pan Am competition is open to top amateurs and professionals.


The origins of golf are much debated. The game as we know it today originated in Scotland during the 15th century; however, a golf-like game using a stick and leather ball, but no hole, is recorded as taking place in the Netherlands in the late 13th century.

Today, the modern game is a globally recognized sport, and will be contested at a Pan Am Games for the first time in 2015.

How it works

Golf is essentially a very simple sport — take as few strokes as possible with the club to get the ball in the hole — but requires incredible concentration, accuracy and technique. Eighteen holes are played over four days. The lowest score wins.


One stroke under par for a hole.

One stroke over par for a hole.

Two strokes under par for a hole.

The desired landing area of closely cropped grass between the tee and the putting green.

The number of strokes it should take a player to sink the ball in the cup.

Putting green
The surface where the cup is located

The small stick used to hold the ball off the ground in the tee box.

Additional Information

Additional Information