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Official Language: Spanish
Anthem: Salve a ti, Nicaragua (Hail to Thee, Nicaragua)

Parapan Am

Nicaragua first competed in the Parapan Am Games at Rio de Janeiro 2007, and will be seeking its first medal at TORONTO 2015.

At Guadalajara 2011, Nicaragua competed in athletics and powerlifting.

One of the outstanding Nicaraguan athletes of TORONTO 2015 is Gabriel Cuadra Holmann, who competed in men’s 200 and 400 m athletics at Guadalajara 2011 and also participated in those two races, as well as in 800 m, in the Olympic Games at London 2012.

Pan Am

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Nicaragua participated in the first Pan Am Games at Buenos Aires 1951, but did not compete at Mexico City 1955, San Juan 1979 or São Paulo 1963.

Nicaragua won its first medal – a bronze – at Mexico City 1975. Its best Games performance came at Mar del Plata 1995 when it earned two silver and two bronze medals.

Most recently, Nicaragua won a pair of bronze medals at Rio de Janeiro 2007, thanks to boxer Orlando Rizo and the men’s baseball team.

With 11 medals, Nicaragua is ranked twenty-eighth on the all-time Pan Am Games medal list.

The country has yet to win a gold medal, but is expected to compete at TORONTO 2015 in baseball, beach volleyball, taekwondo and weightlifting.