Parapan Track Cycling

Cycling - Track - Parapan Am

Cycling - Track - Parapan Am

Medal Events

Men – individual pursuit

Men – 1000 m time trial

Women – individual pursuit

Women – 500 m time trial

Mixed - time trial


Mixed - individual pursuit


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Sport Overview

In this sport, athletes must have a visual or physical impairment. Athletes compete on a 250-metre steeply banked wooden oval track on bicycles or tandems with no brakes and one gear, in individual pursuit and time trial events that range in distance from 200 metres to four kilometres.

In Guadalajara in 2011, Canada came second in the medal count in the sport with three gold and one silver. Colombia finished third with one gold, two silver and two bronze, while U.S.A finished first with four gold, five silver and three bronze medals.


Para-cycling got its start with visually impaired cyclists competing on tandem bikes. Today, the sport also includes athletes with physical impairments, cerebral palsy and amputees.

How it works

Track cycling events take place in a velodrome on a wooden oval track, and range in distance from 200-metre time trials to team pursuits of four kilometres. Athletes compete on bicycles or tandems.

In the time trial, athletes compete alone and from a standing start. The best time wins.

In individual pursuit, two opposing athletes start at opposite ends of the track. The fastest time over the set distance wins.


To follow closely behind another rider to take advantage of their slipstream and expend less energy.

Fixed gear
Pedals and crank set are attached directly to the rear wheel so if the bike is moving, the athlete must pedal. There is no coasting.



Physical Impairment and Visual Impairment

Sport Classes

Bicycle C1–5:
Athletes who are able to use a standard bicycle compete in the five C1-5 sport classes. The sport class profiles include amputations, impaired muscle power or range of motion and impairments affecting coordination. C1 is allocated to athletes with the most severe activity limitation, while C5 is allocated to athletes who meet the minimum disability criteria.

Tandem TB:
Cyclists with a visual impairment race on a tandem bike with a sighted cyclist in the front. Cyclists with visual impairment either have a low visual acuity or a visual field restricted to a diameter of 40 degrees.

Additional Information

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