Conditions of Entry to a Venue

The TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games spectator experience will be engaging and celebratory while respecting the competitors and all Games participants.

To access venues, you must possess a valid ticket and pass through security screening involving metal detection and visual inspections, which are designed to prevent prohibited and restricted items from entering the venue.

Here are a few tips to help the security screening process go more quickly:

  • Co-operate with staff at all times and follow their directions.
  • Follow the spectator marshal’s instructions and move into the correct lineup. Spectators who are not carrying bags or who have small bags may move into express lines.
  • Be prepared to empty your pockets.
  • Be prepared to have your bag and the contents of your pockets inspected.
  • You will be asked to go through a magnetometer (metal detector). Let the security staff know if, for medical reasons you are not comfortable doing this.
  • If you have a disability, you will be directed to a separate gate.

While on-venue, if you do not comply with the applicable rules and regulations, your items may be confiscated and/or you may be asked to leave the venue.

The following items are not permitted inside the venue and are subject to confiscation:

  • Firearms, firearms components and conducted energy weapons
  • Knives, pepper spray and noxious substances (kirpans excepted)
  • Projectiles
  • Martial arts equipment
  • Chains, padlocks and other lock-on devices
  • Explosives
  • Flammable liquids or spray paint
  • Illicit narcotics
  • Gang colours
  • Glass bottles and cans (with the exception of empty personal aluminum water bottles and baby bottles)
  • Banners, signs or materials displaying messages, slogans or images that advocate or could incite hatred, racism or violence; are sexually or violently graphic or deemed unsuitable for a family audience.
  • Large bags including knapsacks, containers, coolers and ice chests. [not to exceed 9" x 5" x 11" (23 cm x 13 cm x 28 cm)]
  • Professional or commercial-grade video cameras, lenses, equipment and accessories.
  • Folding chairs (except at Hardwood Mountain Bike Park, Angus Glen Golf Course and Pan Am Cross-Country Centre)
  • Outside food or beverage. (exceptions include baby formula, baby food and single-serving portions for those with dietary restrictions)
  • Outside alcohol
  • No pets or animals (with the exception of service animals)
  • Bicycles, canoes, kayaks, boats, scooters, skateboards or roller blades.
  • Sporting equipment such as hockey sticks, racquets, baseball bats and billiard cues.
  • Golf umbrellas (except at Hardwood Mountain Bike Park, Angus Glen Golf Course, Minden Wild Water Preserve and Pan Am Cross-Country Centre)
  • Frisbees, beach balls and other inflatable or projectile objects
  • Full face masks or oversized costumes. (religious coverings excepted)
  • Devices that may cause a disturbance. (noisemakers, air horns, trumpets, whistles and thunder sticks)
  • Flags of non-participating countries, defaced or augmented flags from participating countries and flags exceeding 2 m x 1 m in size. (flagpoles must be 0.9 m or less)
  • Any dangerous, hazardous, suspicious or illegal item that may compromise or otherwise interfere with the enjoyment, comfort, or safety any person at the venue

The following actions are restricted on venue and are subject to ejection:

  • Unauthorized broadcasting, recording or transmitting any event taking place within a venue through the use of personal or professional devices such as smartphones, tablets and video cameras.
  • Flash photography or the use of other lighting devices anywhere around the field of play.
  • Ambush marketing of any kind including unauthorized commercial or promotional activities; attempting to distribute leaflets, pamphlets, non-approved publications, wearable items or premium giveaways; attempting to create an unauthorized brand affinity or presence; and unauthorized selling or possessing items with intent to sell.
  • Smoking.(including cigarettes, e-cigarettes, hookahs, and chewing tobacco)
  • Disruptive or dangerous behaviour that disturbs spectators, including public drunkenness, fighting, gambling, spitting and threatening behaviour exhibited toward any games spectators, workforce or participants.
  • Use of unauthorized radio frequency devices that have not been previously registered and coordinated for use at that venue with Industry Canada.
  • Select venues may implement secondary search locations or be subject to incremental restrictions. Consult the special notes information boxes on the venue pages for more details.

Select venues may implement secondary search locations or be subject to incremental restrictions. Consult the special notes information boxes on the venue page or the venue web page for more details. 

Safety First! Do You Know Where Your Nearest Exits are Located?

When you arrive at your Games venue take a moment to look around and find your nearest exit. In the event of an emergency:

  • Pay attention to the venue announcements and the instructions of venue staff and volunteers.
  • Use your closest exit and move away from the building or to a designated safe zone.