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Official Language: Dutch
Anthem: God zij met ons Suriname! (God Be With Our Suriname)

Parapan Am

Suriname first competed at the Parapan Am Games at Rio de Janeiro 2007, and will be seeking its first medal at TORONTO 2015.

At Guadalajara 2011, Suriname sent two athletes to compete in athletics: Biondi Misasi for men’s 100 m and long jump and Roy Rambali for discus throw and shot put.

Misasi is expected to return at TORONTO 2015.

Pan Am

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Suriname first competed at Cali 1971 in Colombia. With 10 medals – three gold, two silver and five bronze – the country places twenty-second on the all-time Pan Am Games medals table.

The country’s peak performance came at Havana 1991, where Surinamese athletes picked up gold and bronze medals in men’s swimming, silver in women’s athletics and bronze in men’s athletics.

Suriname last won medals – a gold and silver – at Winnipeg 1999.

Athletes from Suriname are expected to compete at TORONTO 2015 in athletics, badminton, cycling, swimming and taekwondo.