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Official Language: Spanish
Anthem: Gloria al bravo pueblo (Glory to the Brave People)

Parapan Am

Venezuela has participated in the Parapan Am Games since the beginning in Mexico 1999.

With 180 medals – 60 gold, 54 silver and 66 bronze – the South American country ranks seventh on the all-time Parapan Am Games medals table.

At Guadalajara 2011, Venezuela won 48 medals including 30 in athletics. Omar Monterola won gold in the men’s 100 m, 200 m and 400 m and is expected to compete at TORONTO 2015.

Pan Am

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Venezuela has competed at every Pan Am Games since the inaugural edition at Buenos Aires 1951.

The South American country has won 524 medals – including 84 gold, 183 silver and 257 bronze – placing it seventh on the all-time Pan Am Games medals table.

As the host nation, Venezuela’s standout performance was at Caracas 1983 with 73 medals.

At Guadalajara 2011, Venezuela won 10 medals in weightlifting, nine in wrestling and eight in each of swimming, fencing and cycling. Hersony Canelón won two gold medals and a silver in track cycling at Guadalajara 2011 and is expected to compete at TORONTO 2015.